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These Drawings and Paintings were created from 2007 - Present. Those completed from a live model include that information in the label.

Trusty, Tori and Toni, Colored Pencil, Collage, Acrylic on Wooden Panel, 18 x 24, 200.jpg
Sammie and Ava, Colored Pencil on Bristol Paper, Collage on Panel
The New Saints, Graphite on Bristol Paper, Vellum, Acrylic on Panel
Floating, Graphite on Paper
Sarah Sketch (from life), Charcoal on Newsprint
Ben (from life), Graphite on Paper, 18 x 24 in
Girl Study (from Life), Oil on Canvas
Hannah, Graphite on Primed Wooden Panel
Girl II, Graphite and Acrylic on Primed Wooden Panel
Sarah (from life), Chalk Pastel on Paper
Carla Reading (from life), Chalk Pastel on Paper
Mark (from life), Chalk Pastel on Paper
Study of Joan (from life), Graphite on Paper
Portraits (Ongoing): Gallery
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