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Women in Love Photo Bundle + Scrapbook Pages

Women in Love Photo Bundle + Scrapbook Pages

Do you love vintage photographs? Do you love scrapbooking?

In this vintage photo bundle you will receive 25 high quality jpgs of photographs from my personal collection of women in love. You will also receive 6 scrapbook pages with the photos arraged for you to cut, paste, and collage. These are digital files meant to be printed by you.

As soon as you pay, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download your zip file. This link will be good for 30 days.


**I retain the copyright to the original images. You may not resell the jpgs or print and sell physical copies of the photographs. You can use these images in your art & collages - standard copyright laws apply. You can resell any art where you have use portions of the images or highly modified the images. You can paint / draw creative versions of the images to sell.

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