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  • Rachel Trusty

NEWS: Presentation at the Gender and Communication Conference at Western Kentucky University in Bowl

Today I had the privilege of presenting my research on LGBTQ+ Art History at the Gender and Communications Conference at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

This was my first Gender Studies Conference presentation and I had a blast!

I am currently enrolled the WKU's graduate certificate program in Gender and Women's Studies and I applied to the conference with hopes that I would gain some experience and boost my resume a bit before PHD applications this fall.

I presented research on LGBTQ+ artists from the 1960's to the present. My presentation was broad and showed the connections between contemporary art movements, gay art, lesbian art, and the feminist movement. I discussed the links between groups and their use of specific materials such as intimate portrait photography by gay and lesbian artists and women's traditional materials by both lesbian and feminist artists. I also discussed how the mainstream art world and the feminist movement marginalized these artists and how that marginalization led to the creation of new subgroups and aesthetics.

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