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  • Rachel Trusty

NEWS: Second Annual "All-Women Fiber Art Exhibition" opens in North Little Rock

Tonight we opened the second annual "All-Women Fiber Arts Exhibition" at the William F. Laman library gallery in North Little Rock, Arkansas. There was a good crowd of over 200 for the opening.

I curated this exhibition and the previous one last year which was entitled "Form in Fiber". Participants in the 2017 exhibition included: Kimberly Kwee, Melissa Gill, Holly Laws, Marianne Nolley, Dr. Deborah Kuster, Sofia Gonzalez, Barbara Cade, Kesha Stovall, Sabrina Zarco, Randi Curtis, Lilia Hernandez, Louise Halsey, Jane Hartfield, Erin Lorenzen, Teresa Schlabach, and ME (Rachel Trusty).

Several women were returning participants with a few new inclusions. The "Form in Fiber" show was held at the Argenta Branch of the Laman Library in 2016.

This diverse exhibition by a group of stellar ladies includes sewing, embroidery, dyed fabrics, felting, stitching, quilting and much more.

Show opened to the Public August 7th and runs through August 31st.

I included two embroidery portraits from my embroid(HER) series: "Katherine Hepburn" and "Audre Lorde".

I'm excited to announce that the 3rd Annual "All Women" Fiber arts show is already on the calendar at the same space for November and December 2018.

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