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  • Rachel Trusty

NEWS: ONE YEAR DOWN was a big success!!

ONE YEAR DOWN opening reception. Kai Coggin hosts the poetry.

The ONE YEAR DOWN pop up exhibition had a successful opening weekend. The opening reception Friday night, January 19th was largely attended. It included poetry readings from 10 Arkansas Poets.

On Saturday the 20th, there was a smaller, but steady crowd. Poets Karen Hayes and Kai Coggin held the POETRY TALKS BACK Event, an interactive poetry experience where they responded to written comments left at the opening reception.

Karen Hayes and Kai Coggin create poems for the POETRY TALKS BACK event.

ONE YEAR DOWN included 44 artists and 10 poets. Participants responded to themes and events that occurred during the past first year of the Trump Administration.

The exhibition and poetry event was scheduled for Jan 19th and 20th to mark the anniversary of the inauguration.

The exhibit is on show this week by appointment only. To view, please contact curator Rachel Trusty at ratrusty@hotmail.com

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