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  • Rachel Trusty

NEWS: Delta des Refuses will be held again in 2018

The "Delta des Refuses" Exhibition will be held this June- August at the Butler Center and the Cox Creative Center. Both institutions are part of the Central Arkansas Library system in Little Rock, Ar.

The "Delta des Refuses" is a counter show to the Arkansas Arts Center's "Delta" Exhibition which is held annually.

To enter, visit www.deltadesrefuses.com. A link to the entry form is on the top of the main page. This homepage will also have any updates and all press.

Any artist who has entered the 2018 "Delta" and has all work rejected may enter one piece into the "Delta des Refuses". The Refuses accepts all work that entered.

The "Refuses" was not held last year due to a lack of venue. The 2016 "Refuses" was held at the Thea Foundation in North Little Rock and the 2015 "Refuses" was held at the Argenta Branch of the William F. Laman Library, also in North Little Rock.

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