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  • Rachel Trusty

NEWS: Rachel Trusty accepted to the PHD program in WGSS at the University of Kansas

I'm so excited and proud to announce that I will be attending the University of Kansas in the fall of 2018 as a student in their Women, Gender, and Sexuality PHD Program. In this program I will be studying the feminist and queer art historical movements, how they intersect, and issues within them that deal with race, class, and other hierarchical concerns. KU also has the Spencer Museum of Art on their campus where I will be able to learn and participate in events.

I still plan to organize the Delta des Refuses Exhibition, the Arkansas Women's Fiber Arts Exhibition, and the Two Year Down Political Exhibition in the coming years. It is important to me to continue to be a part of the Arts Community here in Arkansas.

I will also still continue my work at UACCM as an adjunct online art instructor of art appreciation courses.

I'm so grateful to the arts community in Arkansas and my family for encouraging me and being a continual support to me. Attending this PHD program is a dream come true.

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