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NEWS: Trusty Participates in PINK Exhibition

Exhibition image of PINK by Professor Melissa Wilkinson, ASU.

19 Female artists are currently participating in the PINK Exhibition at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR. The Exhibit is in the Fine Art Center Gallery from Sept. 4th - October 12th. 10 of the artists will participate in a panel at the university on October 10th at 3 pm.

Exhibition image of PINK by Professor Melissa Wilkinson, ASU.

According to an article on the ASU website:

"Featuring the work of a broad, international group of artists, "Pink" is an exhibition that serves to address the implications and form of the color itself, according to Melissa Wilkinson, associate professor of art, who curated the exhibition.

"Traditionally associated with the feminine domestic, the color pink is considered dainty or childishly gendered in the west. One rarely finds pink in nature and it is not part of the visible color spectrum...

"'Pink' seeks to emancipate the color from traditional gender associations by exploring each artist’s interpretation, reclaiming its place in a refreshed conversation."

Images of Trusty's two pieces in the show.

Trusty has two pieces included from her new "Friends and Lovers" mixed-media painting series: "Helen and her Flatmate, 1937" (Right) and "Tricia and her Friend, 1977" (Left). This series is based on vintage photographs of same-sex female couples and explores representations of love and companionship.

Poster for PINK Exhibition

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